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ellee ven Shows Intense Creativity In Her New Music Video ‘Sun Up’

ellee ven, the self-proclaimed ‘groovalutionary’, has released a new video, Sun Up. She describes it as an “in the pocket deep groove” and is excited to be back at work with longtime collaborator, L.A.-based rapper Prodéje. Also in the video are ellee ven’s band, Antony Lee on guitar, Joey Giachello on drums and Freekbass on bass.

She told the L.A. Beat about the project, “Sun Up was one song that just wrote itself. I was just emerging from a lot of loss and my band was back together again with our bass player Freekbass. I feel like it’s a departure from my electrónica roots but the first of a more live feeling  danceable sound”.

The catchy melody and mesmerizing video make this a hot new release from ellee ven, who has also released such videos as Underwater and a really interesting remake of the Tin Pan Alley 1930’s standard, All of Me. ellee ven shows her creativity and innovation in her videos and music again. She is a welcome change from the ordinary on the contemporary music scene.



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