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‘It’s Only Life’ and it’s Beautiful at the Chromolume Theatre


Photo by Daniel L. Wilson

First off I have to say I absolutely loved this show and it definitely falls into the ‘must see’ category.

‘It’s Only Life’ was originally conceived and directed by Daisy Prince with music and lyrics by John Bucchino. If you’re unfamiliar with this extraordinary composer, he has written songs that have been recorded and performed Judy Collins, Patti LuPone, Yo-Yo Ma, Audra MacDonald, Liza Minnelli, Art Garfunkel and many other great artists.

‘It’s Only Life’ is a musical revue about longing, fulfillment, loss, triumph and ultimately wisdom. According to the New York Times, Bucchino’s ‘flowing, finely made piano ballads describe an urban life in which relationships come and go in cycles of yearning, fulfillment, heartbreak and healing’ – where romantic love is anticipated with “high expectations, high anxiety and open hearts.”

Each number performed by this super talented cast whether funny or sad always had a strong ring of truth. At the performance I saw, John Bucchino accompanied the performers on a baby grand piano and even sang one of his songs.

Besides the incredible music, each member of the cast including, Jill Marie Burke, Devon Davidson, Joaquin Nunez, Philip McBride, Kayre Morrison, and Ken Shepski, were so deeply connected to John’s lyrics conveying the intricate emotions of his beautiful songs.

The show, according to director Alan Palmer. asks the questions; Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? What do we strive for? What will make us the happiest? I know what made me happy and will make you happy as well. Seeing this wonderful, thought provoking musical.

‘It’s Only Life’ is produced by Art-In-Relation and is now playing at The Chromolume Theatre located at 5429 W. Washington Avenue, Los Angeles 90016. The remaining performances are Fridays and Saturdays, June 16th, through July 8th at 8pm; Sundays, June 18th through July 9th at 2:00.  Tickets are $ 42.00. To purchase call 323-320-2898 or http://artinrelation.com

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