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Lilly Hiatt’s “Trinity Lane”

Nashville artist Lilly Hiatt has released an endearing video for her uplifting new single “Trinity Lane.” Set in her comfortable-looking, messy apartment, and featuring several shots of her cute cat, the video and song are about being content on one’s own, without resorting to alcohol or other dependencies. “Trinity Lane” is the title track on her new album, due out August 25th on New West Records. Like the single, the album deals with learning to love oneself, moving on from break-ups and maintaining sobriety. While writing the songs, Hiatt “stayed away from men, and danced alone in the evenings, looking out my window observing my humble and lively neighborhood. I found power in being by myself. I found peace in the people I was surrounded with – we didn’t really know one another, but we smiled when passed on the street” (press release).  The daughter of John Hiatt, Lilly’s music is a mix of ’90s rock, twangy folk and Americana, with strong melodies helmed by her distinctive, sweet/tough voice.

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