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‘Logan’ aka Wolverine, Still Tormented After All These Years

Logan (Hugh Jackman) is not the same superhero that he once was. He’s tired. He’s old, he may be dying and he drives a limo.

That’s right, our super hero mutant is a limo driver. If that’s not bad enough, Logan’s BFF/mentor, Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) now 90 years old,  is suffering from brain seizures that paralyze everyone around him, making  him a major danger to  mutants and non mutants alike.

When the film opens the year is 2029 and for Logan is  living in El Paso under his original name, James Howlett. He has not aged well and his powers are failing. His deadly razor  claws no longer pop out of his hand easily and his ability to regenerate are waning.

When Logan’s not driving inebriated teens to the  prom in a beat up limo, he spends his time taking care of Charles, who he has hidden away in an old farm near the Mexican border. Charles only other companion is the albino telepath, Caliban (Stephan Merchant) who plays nursemaid to him.

Logan just wants to live out his remaining days in peace, but what kind of movie would that be. Through a series of circumstances, he winds up being the protector of a 11 year old, mutant named Laura (the wonderful Dafne Keen). She doesn’t speak but her mutant powers, thanks to experiments done by the evil Doctor Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant) are deadly.

Logan discovers that Zander  has created kid mutants by using the sperm of other mutants and Laura is not the only one. She is however to Logan’s shock, his daughter. I don’t know why it’s such a surprise to him, considering that, just like Logan, she has razor blades that pop out of her hand at will. This however happens quite often, since Laura has a really bad temper, making her one girl you do not want to mess with.

When the Doctor realizes that the child mutants he created aren’t going to be the killing machines he imagined, he decides to kill every one of them.  Luckily before this horrific deed could be carried out, the kind staff at the lab, help the kids escape.

Terrified that his illegal experiments will be revealed, he sends his army of super soldiers led by cyborg, Daniel Pierce (Robert Boyd Holbrook)  to round them up,   starting with Laura.

After being attacked by Zander’s army and despite trying his best not to get involve, Logan decides to save his daughter.  He piles the girl, Charles and Caliban into his limo and they make a run for it.

‘Logan’ directed by James Marigold (‘Wolverine) has given us one of the darkest films in the ‘X Men’ franchise and it works brilliantly. It is ultra violent, very serious and surprisingly, incredibly emotional. This is a very intimate study of a super hero that hasn’t been done before in films of this genre. It absolutely works on every level.

This must see film, written by Marigold along with Michael Green and Scott Frank opens in theaters March 3rd. Don’t miss it.

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