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Photo Essay: Masters of Taste

Masters of Taste cocktails from 1886 at The Raymond (Photo by Billy Bennight)

The sun was out and the grass was green as we entered the Rose Bowl on a lovely spring day. There were delicious bites and beverages all around. Iron Triangle brought three delicious brews, a gold, a dark, and an IPA, while Bootleggers Brewery pulled an “Old World” hefeweize. San Fernando and San Bernadino Brewing Company also had great brews. 1886 from The Raymond made an excellent punch. Also creating cocktails were American Born Moonshine, and Kikori Whiskey

As for the food, they had everything there from pâté to Fruity Pebble donuts. Near the end of the event the sky opened up. but people were still waiting in line for food in the torrential downpour. There was some concern about the lightning, but as quickly as it arrived, the storm vanished.

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