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‘Pure Confidence’ A Powerful Play About an Unlikely Friendship


The high-stakes world of pre-Civil War horse racing sets the stage for this captivating drama during the time of slavery followed by the Reconstruction era in the 1900’s.

Director Marya Mazor tells us that “this is a play, that at first glance, appears to be a period piece and yet, like other great ‘history plays’ it uses that period in time to shed light on similar issues that are taking place right now.”

‘Pure Confidence’ written by celebrated award winning playwright, Carlyle Brown, is the story of an unlikely friendship between Colonel Wiley Johnson (the excellent William Salyers) and his slave, Simon Cato (Armond Edward Dorsey) who happens to  be a winning jockey that has never lost a race riding the horse Pure Confidence owned by his master. The two men strike up a deal; the jockey shall give up his take of the winnings in order to buy his freedom.  However, Simon winds up falling in love with Caroline (Tamarra Graham) who belongs to the Colonel’s wife, Mattie Johnson (the wonderful Deborah Puette) and he decides to buy her freedom first.

Against a vivid backdrop of fast horses, gritty racetracks and high stakes betting, ‘Pure Confidence’ is an extraordinary tale of human triumphs and failings, while making us look at race relations, human dignity and most importantly, love. It’s also, at times, quite funny and it will definitely stay with you long after the curtain falls.

‘Pure Confidence’ produced by Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, opened at Sacred Fools Theare, located at 1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles on April 8th and plays; 8pm Friday and Saturdays, 3pm Sundays through May 14th.

For reservations call 323-960-7745 or online at www,.lower-depth.com/on-stage. Prices are $ 25-$ 34.

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