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Taco Madness is Back!!! Tonight!!!

After a hiatus last year, Taco Madness is back just in time for Cinco de Mayo! LA Taco and I Love Micheladas are here to save you from oversized sombreros, chihuahua races and tangy dayglo margarita mix. Come to La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, where 11 of the city’s best taco vendors will fill you with tacos until you can’t take it anymore. Some of our favorite vendors are …all of them! We love them all! Burritos La Palma, Carnitas El Momo, Chichen Itza Restaurant, Guerrilla Tacos, Tacos PuntRestaurants, Tacos Arabes de Puebla Cabras, Mariscos Jalisco, Yuca’s and Coni’Seafood.

Entry is free. Although everyone takes cards these days, bringing cash will make it easier to buy drinks and tacos. You will also enjoy beer, micheladas, screenprinting, art, and DJs spinning all night. La Plaza de Culturas y Artes. 6PM-12AM. 21+

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