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The Museum of Ice Cream: Here’s the Scoop

The Museum of Ice Cream. All photos by Elise Thompson for the LA Beat.

The Museum of Ice Cream, a pop-up event in the new arts district of DTLA, is not quite a museum. It’s more of an attraction, like San Francisco’s Exploratorium. Or like Charlie’s tour in the Chocolate Factory. As the voice on the telephone, who insists he is 100% NOT Seth Rogan, tells you, it’s time to throw away grown-up worries and just have fun. It allows you the chance to be a kid again. My friend told me that I looked like a little girl when I was playing in the wading pool full of rainbow sprinkles (I Know! Rainbow Sprinkles!).

The Museum is laid out like a high school haunted house, with your small group traveling together from room to room. There are interactive rooms, and rooms offering real ice cream and candy treats. It is a serious photo op, and people are let into certain rooms in twos and threes so they can take their photos without a bunch of people ruining their shot.

I highly recommend the experience, and I have held a lot back to not ruin all of the surprises, so that you can be as amazed and delighted as we were.

The museum is open from 11am – 10pm every day except Tuesday, when it is closed. Adult admission is $ 29. Children from 3-12 and seniors over 60 are only $ 18 and children younger than 3 don’t need a ticket. All tickets must be purchased in advance, tickets are not available for purchase onsite. If everything is sold out, keep checking because they release tickets about every 2 weeks. Get your tickets here.

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